How to have a fabulous wedding breakfast (on a budget!)

Wedding Food

When it comes to nuptials, everyone knows that a big chunk of the budget is usually splurged on wedding catering.

Whether your wedding is in a hotel, a bar or a marquee, feeding your guests on a tight budget may seem impossible.

So is there a way to have cheap wedding food and drink, low cost catering and a wedding breakfast that you can afford, without compromising on style?

The answer is yes!

Here are some ideas for an amazing, but affordable, wedding breakfast:

1. Swap the 3-course dinner for an afternoon tea party

Think homemade bunting, mismatched tea cups borrowed from friends and family, and quirky cake stands – most supermarkets sell beautiful cardboard cake stands that look fabulous and don’t break the bank, or check out a few local charity shops one afternoon.

Serve your guests elegant miniature sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, tiny cakes and chocolate-dipped fruit.

The possibilities are endless and, most importantly, low cost, especially if your venue will allow you to supply your own.

2. Ask people to bring dessert

Guests can help themselves and, for added entertainment, why not ask your guests to vote for their favourite dessert and have your very own Great British Bake Off! You can announce the winning dessert afterwards and even give prizes to the winners?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking all your guests to bring a dessert, why not ask a handful of close family and friends? You could even suggest they come with a sweet treat in place of a wedding present.

3. Substitute the hot buffet for a cold buffet

This will keep costs down, even if your venue insists on all catering being done by them. Well-made salads and stylishly presented cheese boards will look appealing while still being low-cost.

4. Have a barbecue in summer

In the hotter months, a barbecue is an ideal way to have an affordable wedding breakfast and people often actually enjoy the casual setting much more than a formal meal.

Serve jugs of beer and miniature corn on the cobs for a rustic feel or add a “posh” twist by serving smoked salmon or cocktails.

With a little bit of imagination, it is entirely possible to have a quirky and memorable wedding breakfast on a budget!