How to stay within your wedding budget

Wedding Staying On A Budget

Do you want to make things special for your big day but have a limited wedding budget and have trouble sticking to it?

Here’s some useful tips to make sure you stay on budget for your wedding and don’t overspend.

1. Be realistic about budgets

To start with, layout how much you can afford to pay for your wedding. Be realistic and do plenty of research to figure out any unexpected costs.

2. Track all money flowing into and out of your wedding.

If you don’t keep track of your spending, you will almost certainly go over budget. It is important that you keep careful records of what you’ve bought for your wedding and how much you have paid for venue hire, transport, food and drink, especially if you incur unexpected costs.

3. Factor in hidden wedding costs you might encounter.

Sometimes, weddings run for longer than expected so people can continue to enjoy the party. However, that extra hour or even half hour can prove costly in terms of overtime charges from the photographer and venue manager. Plan for overtime as it often happens-and if everything runs exactly on schedule in the end, there will be a useful lump sum of cash left over as a bonus.

4. Make sure every little thing is included in your wedding budget.

Stamps for invitations, ribbons, marriage licence and registry fees may only cost small amounts individually, but they all add up. Budget in these categories as well as the main wedding expenses, and keep a record of everything you spend no matter how small the cost.

5. Plan for unexpected changes and accidents.

What if wedding dresses or gowns get minor stains? What if there’s a problem with the marquee? What if it’s heavily raining or unusually hot or cold? All these unforeseen circumstances need to be planned for as at least one of them often happens at a wedding, and the associated costs can take you over your planned initial budget. This is why it’s important to plan well ahead when arranging your special day.

When you keep these tips in mind, you can ensure your day is one to remember, whilst staying on budget for your wedding and making sure your finances aren’t scuppered before you’re even married.