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Wedding cake on a budget
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5 Ways To Get Your Dream Cake For Less

When it comes to planning a wedding, anyone will tell you the costs can quickly spiral out of control. The cost of hiring a venue, for example, can run into thousands of pounds, and you’ll need to factor in the cost of catering, entertainment and attire as well.

Whilst many couples are keen to push the boat out on their big day, there are savings to be made and you needn’t spend more than you can afford. In fact, you can often lower the cost of your wedding and obtain a cheap wedding cake, without compromising on quality at all.

Here, we’ve rounded up five vital tips to ensure you can get your dream wedding cake without spending more than you need to.

1. Opt for fewer tiers

By having a smaller, feature cake to display, you can reduce the cost of your wedding cake by over 20%. You’ll have a beautifully created cake to display and guests can be served from a simpler sheet cake, thus cutting the cost without limiting your choice of design.

2. Use props to add height

If the bride has her heart set on a large cake with numerous tiers, why not consider using a non-edible base for some of the layers as an affordable alternative? You’ll get a wedding cake on a budget, as well as enough cake to feed your guests, without any going to waste.

3. Collect your cake on the day

Often, the cost of delivery adds a significant amount to your bill so collecting your cake can be an ideal way to access a cheap wedding cake. Beware, however, larger wedding cakes can be difficult to transport so you may want to discuss this with the baker before you commit to a collection.

4. Double up with cake as dessert

Rather than providing a three course meal followed by wedding cake, why not offer guests with a slice of succulent wedding cake as pudding?

5. Negotiate the price

When ordering, stress that you’re looking for a discount wedding cake. By negotiating with bakers and suppliers, you could secure you dream cake for less. Getting a deal or discount is easier than you might think and most wedding suppliers are happy to negotiate a cheaper price.

When organising your big day, it’s easy to get caught up and forget about the costs. By making a few minor changes, however, you can save a considerable amount without deviating from your original ideas – and that really is the icing on the cake.