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Get bridesmaid dresses for less

How to get your bridesmaid dresses for less

If you’re getting married, you might have decided to ask some of your closest friends and family to support you on the day and be your bridesmaids. Often the bride chooses to pay for her bridesmaid’s outfits, but depending on the number of people you’ve asked and the look you’re going for, the cost can quickly add up. 

Below we’ve listed out our top tips for finding your dream bridesmaid dresses for less.

Shop around

Depending on where you’ve seen your dream dress, it’s always worth shopping around. 

If you’re looking in bridal catalogues, or in wedding dress shops, the chances of you finding the same dress for a different cost elsewhere are usually pretty high. Also, it’s always worth looking up the dress online, in case there are sales on websites, or on eBay. As a bridesmaid’s dress is usually only worn once, it’s quite common for people to sell theirs online once the big day is over.

 If you’re looking on the high street, see what other shops have to offer – you can often find a much cheaper alternative that is almost the same. The same is true for designer dresses. The high street gains its inspiration from designer catwalks, and will often produce dresses almost identical to high end creations, at a fraction of the price.


Depending on the time of your wedding is, you might be lucky enough to find your dresses in the sale. Consider when buying in advance the time of the year the wedding is in. Don’t go for a summery gown if you’re having a winter wedding, but use the time of the year to plan when a good time to shop will be, based on the regular sales periods in retail. 

Keep an eye out for the prom dresses sales once prom season is over, you’ll almost certainly find some amazing deals, especially if you’re buying 3 or 4 dresses at a time.

Second hand

If you’ve seen some bridesmaids dresses that have already been worn, there’s no harm in borrowing them for your wedding day – as long as they suit your bridesmaids. They could be your ‘something borrowed’ on your big day, adding a special sentimental value to the outfits being worn. 

You could also ask your bridesmaids if they’ve already worn gowns they love and own, to create a unique colour palette of dresses that will suit your bridesmaids, without having to pay a fortune. 

Theres plenty of ways out there to find the right dresses at the right price, just take your time and do plenty of reach. Also, be a bit cheeky, don’t be too scared to ask for discounts.